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Based on Actual Events
Written by Michael Perl
Concept & Produced by Stephen Perl

BOOK OF SECRETS is a series told against the backdrop of well documented, true UFO events. The series is seen, mainly, through the eyes of a mysterious, fictional character who is, somehow, able to travel in time to be present during the most important moments of these UFO events. The stranger, a collector of sorts, has a hidden agenda…one that will only become completely clear as BOOK OF SECRETS unfolds.

What is Book of Secrets?

BOOK OF SECRETS is an episodic web series, the first season of which is set in America between 1947 and 1996, against the backdrop of actual UFO events and cover-ups. Our guide through the series is C.K., a mysterious stranger, who is able to utilize time travel to put himself in the middle of these events. He’s searching for something. (What that is, we won’t find out until the second season) But the answers he wants are closely guarded by some of the most dangerous men on the planet. He must use guile, charm, deceit as well as a few other unique resources he has in order to get what he wants.

A mysterious traveler investigates America’s deepest held secrets, based on actual UFO events.


  • Episode 1

    Roswell ’47: Something crashed in the desert outside of Roswell. Two Army Air Force officers are sent out to investigate. But something is very, very wrong.

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  • Episode 2

    Dulce ’79: A former government geologist dies in Oregon in 1996. He was present in 1979 when something went wrong in a deep underground military base. Does that have anything to do with his death, or is it just coincidence?

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  • Episode 3

    Boulder ’68: The Condon Committee has been accused of downplaying UFO evidence. Is it a government cover-up, or is there simply nothing to report?

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  • Episode 4

    Fort Riley ’47: Strange cargo arrives at an army base in Kansas. There are rumors that it is wreckage from a crash, just outside of Roswell. The holding area is designated ‘No Entry’…but someone still manages to get inside.

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  • Episode 5

    Rendlesham ’80: Just after Christmas, a US Air Force Base in England is beset with unexplained lights and close encounters with airmen. And if the base commander didn’t have enough to deal with, now there might be a breach in security.

Meet The Team

  • Stephen M. Perl

    Executive Producer, Concept
    Mr. Perl is the CEO of 1st PMF Bancorp, a leading US commercial bank lender based in Los Angeles with offices throughout Asia.

    Mr. Perl has provided his knowledge in financing 1000s of successful companies globally.

  • Michael Perl

    Writer, Director
    Michael has been working as an actor and writer since "Sweet Valley High" in the 90’s. He has a degree in theatre from UCLA.

    More about Michael can be found on imdb, as well as his website:

  • John T. Cogan

    Director of Photography, Editor
    John has a degree in theater from the University of California, Los Angeles. Whether as an actor, writer, photographer, or editor,

    his primary goal is to tell a good story.

  • Melissa Grace

    Production Designer
    Melissa Grace is an actor, dancer & producer. She has worked at Golden Performing Arts Center since 2006 as an AD,

    properties manager and set decorator.

Behind The Scenes

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Book of Secrets – Credits

Cast & Crew:

Stephen Perl – Executive Producer

Michael Perl – Director/ Writer

John T. Cogan – D.P./ Editor

Melissa Grace – Production Design / Costume Design

Jacquie Adorni – 1st AD

Sonny Lira – 2nd AD

Andrew Rurik – Gaffer

Andrew McIntosh – 2nd Gaffer / Electrician

Cameron Boyce – Electrician

Joshua Bergquist - Electrician

Conner McCrea-Lamontagne – AC / Camera Operator

Kelly McNamara – Location Sound

Morine Afota – Make-Up

Jack Holt – Aerial Camera

Suzanne Block – Wardrobe


Episode I:
David Beatty – Joe
Michael Perl – C.K.
Brandon Massey – Captain Cavritt
Eddie Mayer – MP
Brian David Pope – Major Marcus
Episode II:
Todd Andrew Ball – Paul Shechter
Dan DeLeon – Scientist
Yancey Dunham – General Garron
Jack Holt – Green Beret
Michael Perl – C.K.
Serena Perl – Mary Schecter
Amber Wegner – Charisse Schecter
Episode III:
Michael Perl – C.K.
Antony Sauve – Richard Lore
Andrew Thacher – Major Keerow
Episode IV:
Ken Ashton - Sergeant Barnsey
John T. Cogan – Major Corsello
Angelo Gonzalez – Private Garcia
Michael Perl – C.K.
Zach Yonan – PFC Talarico
Episode V:
Josh Berger – Sergeant Pendegrass
Yancey Dunham – General Garron
Melissa Grace – Lorraine
Michael Perl – C.K.
Chad T. Wood – Lt. Colonel Harkin
Sonny Lira as Airman
Larry Mayer as Vernon


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Welcome to the "Book of Secrets"

The government”s treatment of UFOs as if they did not exist and the continued parental-ism that they use to keep information from the public has always bothered me. This is why I decided to produce the Book of Secrets project. This series is meant to be entertaining while at the same time casino online casino…





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